Although real estate marketing has traditionally been accomplished with a huge investment outlay, that trend is now shifting towards cheaper and more viral forms of marketing. For the real estate agent, marketing has now become a simpler exercise with a semi-fixed, semi-flexible plan that aims to place the marketing message in the minds of all prospective clients. Before taking that first step towards the marketing of your real estate services, you need to understand and delineate the objective of your marketing plan. This is what your marketing plan should include:

  1. The marketing objective

What do you hope to gain from the marketing campaign? To market effectively, you must quantify your marketing objective. As any   marketer can tell you, a quantifiable goal is easier to work towards than a simple mission statement. Not only must the goal be quantifiable, it must also have fixed time targets: weekly, monthly and quarter-yearly. For a real estate agent, a commendable goal would be to work at least ten properties a month! To achieve this, the agent needs to discover 50 new leads out of which ten can be converted to bona fide clients. To do this, he can work towards sending 200 newsletters to the big-shots of the real estate industry!


  1. The advantages of your service

As soon as your marketing objective has been clarifies, your next step is to categorize the advantages of your services as a real estate agent. To do this, you need to know what the end-user is looking for in a real estate agent. This might be experience, ability to communicate well, great track record, smaller personal commission comparatively and so on. As a marketer, you need to assure your potential client pool that you can give them what they want because you have the right features of a real estate agent. The benefits of having a real estate agent as opposed to buying or selling real estate directly are numerous, and you must list these in your marketing plan!

  1. The nature of your target audience

Now that you know the objective of your marketing campaign and the advantages of your services in the real estate industry, you need to clearly delineate what your target market will consist of. Who is in need of your services? Obviously, your target market should consist of folks who are looking to buy or sell property, or who are in the real estate industry to invest their money. What is the demographic of this group? You need to define it: say, Couples aged 30-50 with an annual income of $50,000-$300,000 would be a better fit to your niche. Entrepreneurs have a bigger target market, but you would do well to increase your focus on a specific group of people.

  1. The Competitive Advantage (CA) that You Have

Right, now that you’re done with the essentials of your marketing plan, you need to define your competitive advantage. A competitive advantage arises when you have something, a new product, service or strategy that is good for your clients and that your competitors do not have! Ask yourself this:

What is different about you and what you’re offering?

What is unique about your business?     As a marketer, having a distinct competitive advantage gives you one thing: a unique selling proposition (USP), which is very essential. Without a competitive advantage, you’ll always be playing the catch-up game which isn’t very pleasant. Create a competitive advantage is there isn’t one in your business, and let that CA be very real! For Burger King, “Flame-broiled” equals a competitive advantage because flame-broiled meat is healthy meat that tastes awesome! So what’s your CA going to be?

  1. The Marketing Tools

There are hundreds of marketing tools that will make your marketing campaign stronger and enable your message to reach your target audience. Check the Digital Alchemy’s website for the best marketing tools available. Peruse through and get the best that fit within your campaign strategy and budget. Launch those marketing tools today and you’re off!

  1. The Marketing Budget

The great thing about the advent of Digital Alchemy marketing is that it has led to the simplification and reduction on budget for marketing. A lot of their marketing tools can be obtained online for free. However, this should work only to help you increase your budget on the things that create a tangible impression on your target group: such as the quality of your stationery, the professionalism of your business presentation, the quality of your brochure and newsletters and so on. After all, first impressions are last impressions, which is why you want their first impression of you to be very strong and very positive! Now design your marketing budget in such a way that you will be spending the most where it really counts!

  1. Measuring The Intensity of Your Marketing Campaign

Is there any way to quantify the result from your marketing campaign? Are your marketing goals being achieved? How will you know if you need to increase your efforts and improve your message? As a real estate agent, you already understand the advantages of keeping a weekly and monthly planner to help you see where you’re going. The same thing applies when you’re marketing yourself. You need to have a weekly and monthly calendar that tells you when your efforts are being rewarded and when they are not. For most people, marketing plans begin with a great initial boost of energy only to peter down a few months later. Use the marketing calendar to keep you boosted. Another alternative is to use a personal coach weekly who can keep you focused towards where you want to go!

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